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friend, greta van susteren. we were just fivest hours away e from thed obama care deadline d day. but just moments ago, fox news . confirmed the website will be m. down for maintenance starting at an 9:00 p.m. eastern until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.use that means we will not see any g launch at midnight. in the past few days the white lowering the bar gressman ahead of the fix deadline. but how low can they go? former congressman alan west joins us now. no time like the present to ng bring you in for breaking news tonight. lower the bar even further. what is going on? >> well, i think this is ♪ p incredible. first of r all, they should not have put their own set mandate,n because now everyone is take 5 watching. for them to continually come be back and say we can only take 50,000 or as you just reported,r it's going to be down, this is eroding the confidence and it'sg credibility of the obama ve goi administration and president himself.to and the political ramifications it's going to have is going to be absolutely chilling, because they can't explain this away anymore. we re
right's hatred of president obama. number three on our list in our countdown goes to u.s. congressman of texas. the tea partier grabbed headlines when he sided with birthers and openly discussed impeaching the president. he's an are a dent supporter of ted cruz 2016. this is a clip from his appearance here on "hardball" in september. it's remarkable. >> obama is president, ted cruz can be president. >> this is serious business. is he eligible to be president? you've been touting the guy. >> i think he's eligible. i'm giving you a yes answer. >> if obama was born overseas even that crazy theory of donald trump is true he still would be eligible to be president by that standard. >> we're talking about ted cruz. >> can't you project an inch mentally. >> i'm telling you president obama is the president. if he's eligible to be president -- >> you brought this up. >> what better way -- yes. >> was he a legitimately elected president of the united states? >> i wasn't in congress to determine that. that was determined before i got here. >> howard fineman he won't do it. he's afraid of losing
on the healthcare.gov relaunch, another obama care crisis waiting in the wings. as thousands of americans discover you really can't keep your doctor. >>> and a life saving court decision now being undermined by the obama administration. should the feds ban payment for bone marrow donors? >>> welcome to "the journal editorial report." facing sharp criticism from allies in saudi arabia and israel and deep skepticism from some members of congress, president obama this week defended last sunday's deal with iran, praising the diplomacy he says is responsible for halting the progress of their nuclear program. calling the accord an important first step towards peace. >> huge challenges remain. but we cannot close the door on diplomacy. and we cannot rule out peaceful solutions to the world's problems. we cannot commit ourselves to an endless cycle of conflict. tough talk and bluster may be the easier thing to do politically but it's not the right thing for our security. >> joining the panel this week, "wall street journal" columnist and deputy editor dan headinger. foreign affairs columnist dan stevens.
, after nearly six years under president obama, well, unemployment remains way too high among 18 to 29-year-olds. according to the department of labor, the total jobless rate for millennials is 10.9%. now that's well above last month's national average of 7.3%. and moving on, in 2012, a record number of millennials, well, guess what, they're still living at home with mom and dad, $21.6 million total, much higher than the 18.5 million. now sadly, it has systematically declined over the past five years. starting in 2007 at 33,000, dropping all the way to just over 30,000 in 2012. let not your heart be troubled because there's some good news to share with you tonight. at least from my perspective. according to the latest quinnipiac poll, the group of young people represented behind -- when it comes to handling the economy, a five point advantage on health care and millennials trust the republicans in congress more than the white house regarding the budget as well as the controversial subject of immigration reform. and on that hopeful note, i think it's time to welcome in our studio audien
under president obama unemployment remains too high among 18 to 29-year-olds. according to the department of labor the total jobless rate is 10.9%. that's well above the national average of 7.3%. moving on. in 2012 a record number of millennials. they are still living home with mom and dad. 21.6 million total, much higher than the 18.5 million in 2007. also in terms of median income, we have uncovered a disturbing trend. sadly it's declined over the past five years, starting in 2007 at 33,000, dropping all the way to just over 30 grand in 2012. let not your heart be troubled. there is good newens tonight from my perspective. the group represented by the young people behind me prefer republicans at this moment over president obama on almost every issue. the gop has a ten-point advantage when it comes to handling the economy. a five-point advantage on health care and millennials trust the republicans in congress more than the regarding the budget and the controversial subject of immigration reform. on that very hopeful note it's time to welcome in our studio audience. how
for the website powering president obama's signature health care law. hello everyone, i'm greg jarrett. welcome to inside america's news headquarters. today is the self-imposed deadline of course to have healthcare.gov running smoothly and perfectly. hhs just announcing moments ago that they are continuing to make technical enhancements, tweaks, if you will, to the site over the weekend. molly henningberg live in washington to tell us how things are progressing. is it working? >> reporter: well this is the first update we've gotten today, gregg. president obama's team working on the website has said it will update on the "success rates" of the relaunch of healthcare.gov as it goes forward and just got i guess what you would call an update, one line from the health and human services department that says the website is performing well today with low overall error rates and response times, despite heavier than usual weekend traffic. that is the latest just coming in, they are saying low overall error rates despite heavier than usual weekend traffic. jeff zeinst said today deadline day the website
, uncle sam realizes we were right. is it time to hang up on obama phone? we are digging up the d.c. dirt right now. >> hi, everyone, i'm eric bolling. welcome to "cashin' in." the crew -- wayne rogers, jonathan hoenig, fields and robert beckel. welcome, everybody. americans thinking twice before opening their wallets. consumer confidence tanking to a seven-month low as people are becoming more uneasy about the job market and their income. one main reason is disgust with the healthcare law. 2009 >> shoppers freaking out because of obamacare sticker shock. what do you say? >> the biggest problem is the uncertainty. there is uncertainty in the law. nobody knows what it saysor rules are. so businesses can't plan ahead. a lot of businesses they know of the restriction about the employment. they go to part-time employment so they don't pay this. >> the people who are affected by it. people getting policy canceled. $5 million so far this united states canceled. they haven't signed that many people. a lot of people don't need this. a woman here, my makeup person here said the following -- she do
president obama's signature health care law. hello, everyone. glad you're with us. >> welcome inside america's news headquarters. white house officials say they're on track to meet the deadline for the online obama care fixes. today is the self-imposed date to have healthcare.gov running smoothly for a variety of users. molly heninburg is live in washington. >> president obama's team working on the website says it will update us on success rates of the relaunch of health care.gov as it goes forward. the man heading up the fixes said earlier this week today, deadline today, quote, there could be moments in the middle of the day seems to be the peak where capacity goes beyond that current user level, at which point there will be a customer friendly queueing system, which will notify you when to come back to the site. he says by today 50,000 people should be able to use the website at the same time. and that the website should be able to handle, in total, 800,000 day. overnight the scheduled hours of maintenance on the site turned into 11 hours of maintenance. something republicans noted today
happy thanksgiving. over the holidays president obama has been urging his army of supporters to talk about health care. fine, let's talk about it. limbaugh thinks obama is rooting for the current health care failures so he can offer a solution, a single payer plan. is that so far fetched? here's what kathleen sebelius and others have said about it over the years? >> i happen to be a proponent of single payer health care. we may not get there immediately. >> i'm all for a single payer system. what we have to do is work with what we've got to close the gap. >> obama care is a step in the right direction and we're far from having something that's going to work. >> myself would have preferred single payer or public option. but this was a compromise. >> is that the end game all along? bob, wasn't it their goal to get single payer as a part of obama care. there wasn't enough democratic votes when they were trying to push it through. they wanted a public option to be able to compete in the insurance marketplace and the insurance industry went crazy and they dropped it because of that. that
on his way out of the country. >>> another day, another deadline for the obama administration and its new health care program. the president's team says after the website's disastrous rollout two months ago, today's the day it's supposed to work smoothly for the vast majority of users. this is a live look now at healthcare.gov. technicians took it down overnight, about 11 hours, for maintenance. but it is back up now. c cnn's tory dunnan is live now. we're hours away from the deadline. it appears things may be working better with the website. is all well in washington, or are they preparing to fix this thing? >> reporter: wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall? >> no. >> reporter: but in all seriousness, the latest is that the administration is on track to meet this self-imposed deadline, telling us that the site was shut down overnight for fixes, as well as updates. of course, we now know it's up and running. and here's what the goal will be in the next hours for this weekend. according to the white house, 50,000 people should be able to be on the site at the same time. we're told if
in. alex? >> dylan, thank you for that. president obama and the first lady giving a why ranging interview. the president addressed concerns about the health care rollout and questions about his legacy. >> every president in their second term is, you know, mindful, you only have a limited amount of time left. you want to make sure you are squeezing every last ounce of energy you have to try to deliver on the commitments you made to the american people. >> president obama's self-imposed deadline is fast approaching for healthcare.gov. with the midnight deadline looming, people will start to have a better experience by then. key parts of the site will be down for maintenance and repairs. the president will unveil a new national security strategy early next year. a letter was released friday. the president is expected to update the strategy outline and describe the national security priorities for the remainder of his term. and the top u.s. commander in afghanistan is apologizing to hamid karzai for the drone strike that killed one child and injured two women. nato will investigate.
between two quite different personalities and people in president obama governor romney. if you think about where each of them came from, they could have been more different. >> host: was there a point when the winner of the collision could have been? >> guest: well you can argue a year out the president was very vulnerable. in large part to cut as it was not clear what was going to happen with the economy. as we played out the election to things. one, think of presidents camp and was more skillful and more effective both in the consistency and the shaping of its message and also just in the sort of its organization and get out the vote operation in many of the things they did with technology. having said that, i think by the end of the campaign the deck was fairly well stacked against romney. it would have been a very heavy lift for him to be able to defeat the president in the end. >> host: was a significant that barack obama didn't get as many votes in 2012 as he got in 2000 a? >> guest: very significant. you have to go back to the 19th century to find a president who was reelected
miller signs off on miley cyrus. >> you are insipid because you don't have an act. >> president obama, it's just nice to see obama actually hook a ball behind some shrubbery and blame an actual bush for once. >> chris christie. >> 400-pound guy is delegate it you you bring home too much bacon you know it's gone absolutely mad. >> and our pal putin. >> is he the most interesting man in the world. >> jesse watters visits colorado for mushroom festival. actually see like sounds potentially like can you hear smells? tries to find out what people think about the state of our country watters world meets miller time. >> i'm not hitting on you. >> you are not hitting on me yet. >> if it's t. gets cold enough. >> you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching this special edition of the factor. watters world meets miller time. hide the kids because the next hour will be very provocative. entertaining and at times a bit over the top. we begin with the d man. what about this miley cyrus person. lots of people were offended by her perfo
to 34-year-olds have fallen an average of 8% since president obama took office. the bills keep piling up. this group has an average $45,000 in personal debt with a lot of it coming from student loans. then there is this. >> well, i need this. you know? i need this. and i'm going to take this. and -- no, no. i'm the old oh person. i need this. you have to take care of me. i want it. mine. >> john recorded that exercise in entitlement almost four years ago. those babies haven't yet graduated first grade. in that time the national debt has grown by 4.6 trillion dollar thes. those poor little things. while the economic crash gets some of the blame, here is the ugly truth about where the money goes. entitlement spending was $is 1.5 trillion or just less than half the federal budget. by 2020 it grows to $2.4 trillion. an increase of oh more than 50%. that doesn't account for obama care and what happens with the bottom line if this experiment costs more than projected. here is a closer look at that. if you want to hear the president pitching health care, a college campus is a safe bet. he's mad
at henry the president was briefe march this year it contradicts the president and mr. obama statement last week is only the latest example of the administration's seeming propensity to mislead and consistently deceive the public. in fact, he met with insurance industry executives and hhs secretary sebelius april 12th this year just days after burroughs became aware of the mackenzie findings. incident, and there are many more. president obama told americans that they could keep their doctors and insurance if they like them. at least 37 times during the presidential campaign. we now know those statements are untrue and raise questions as to whether obamacare could have passed without those presidential intrudes and whether he would have been reelected. the president invoked executive privilege to keep documents that may explain attorney general eric holder's role in operation fast and furious. president obama said he did not know of an irs starting of conservative and tea party groups. in essays by on world leaders, or the department of justice snooping on reporters. the obama administration
guys jump on that. all right, thanks. >>> deadline day for the obama care website is here. but it's still not totally fixed. why the cyber monday may show us how to get out of this fix for good. it's very real... david rivera. rivera, david. [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. (announcer) at scottrade, our cexactly how they want.t with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade-proud to be ranked "best overall client experience." >>> live from america's news headquarters. it's deadline day for the obama care website. the administration promised by today the site would operate smoothly. for the vast majority of people trying to access it. officials say user capacity has been doubled, but if the website does not work,
in the face, and demanded the money. the driver complied and the passenger left. >>> for president obama, it is time to produce results when it comes to the new health care website. we have a check up of the system and the ongoing controversy surrounding that new law. >> reporter: it's crunch time for the obama administration, and with the president poll numbers at record lows, the stakes for improving the website by saturday couldn't be higher. >> they have to come through a successful completion on a lot of glitches they've been working on. >> reporter: tech experts have made hundreds of improvements to healthcare.gov. they insist they're on track to have the website support 50,000 users at one time. >> it will be a political catastrophe that will ruin the obama presidency for the next two years. >> reporter: another setback, the administration announced it won't be able no enroll small businesses online for a year. they'll have to keep enrolling through agents, brokers, and insurers. >> we're disappointed in the functionality being delayed for a year. there's really no loss in terms o
a socialist is. >> problem is, obamacare is socialized medicine and president obama is a progressive idealogue. walks like a duck, quacks like a duck. see you in "the five." >>> this is deadline day for the obamacare website do-over. after a disastrous roll-out, that caused the online headaches for so many americans trying to buy healthcare coverage. administration says today is the day the site will work for most users. will it? we'll have a live report. even the site does work after a stream of missteps and missed deadlines will it be too little, too late? i'm doug mckelway in for uma pemmaraju. one of obamacare's harshest critics, congresswoman blackburn is standing by. but first go to chief washington correspondent, james rosen. >> good afternoon. from president obama today semi-official relaunch of obamacare 2.0 could prove a decisive point in his presidency. the latest fox news poll conducted before 2014, when obama issued a hour long mea culpa. the poll found high 55% of registered voters disapproving of the chief executive job performance. 4 in 10 approved. 5% said they didn't know eno
a day. republicans say they're skeptical and waiting to see if the obama administration will live up to these promises. >> what they have done was to reset the expectation so many different times. they missed half their legal deadlines. they've had 22 delays. they've given 1700 waivers and people are saying, wait a minute. this is not the way it was supposed to be. >> reporter: there is also the issue of who was signing up for what. one consulting firm estimates that 800,000 people have enrolled in medicaid. the taxpayer-paid health insurance for the poor. compare that to only about 142,000 people who have signed up for private health insurance plans through the obamacare exchanges. gregg? >> molly henneberg in washington. thanks. >>> after a disastrous rollout of the affordable care act, polls show president obama's approval rating hitting an all-time low, but in a recent interview, the president says he's confident that in time, more and more americans will embrace his health care law. chief washington correspondent james rosen has this report. >> reporter: for president obama, the
negro, pero antes, el presidente barack obama y la primera dama, sorpr sorprendieron con una visita a los activistas que lelegvavan d dÍas en ayuno, es en washington dc, con el objetivo que el co conducto congreso apruebe una reforma migratoria angy sandovial nos cuenta kcÓm l las palabras del presidente barack obama llenaron de nuevos brios a los manftredifestantes. >>> lla visita durÓ solo minutos pero los activistas del grupo f fasting for families, en ayuda p por una reforma migratoria desde hace 178 8 addiÍas, aseguran a visita les reafvvivÓ el alma. >>>e l presidente barack obama t testaba muy preocupado por ns nuestra salud, y nos pidiÓ o s g sugiriÓ que pasaramos al hotel, porque necesitan lideÍder como s nosotros. >>> eliseo medina, segÚn su s a esposa, estÁ muy debilp Ébil p r hablar pero antes de la visita d del presidente barack obama h hablÓ con tmuelemundo. >>> el presidente tiene que to a tomar acciÓn, dentro de su autoridad para dfreanr las de s deportaciones. >>> y tambiÉn la salud de los que ayunan corre peligro y tambiÉn poquitrque al congres d
that way. also the story behind one handwritten letter to president obama by a concerned citizen i believe has been misinterpreted by the right. plus it will give me an excuse to tell you my story about having the president as a pen pal. what does the iran contra scandal have to do with the pardon of the white house turkey? pretty much everything. we will, plane ahead. >>> it seems on thanksgiving itself here to make a plea for us to stop the insanity and finally, helping me, i usually call finding ways to humiliate me. earlier this week they have found a way to do it on national television. they arranged for me to dock a turkey on the air. since i only recently learned how to turn an oven on, this could get a little ugly. stay tuned for that. >>> speaking of recipes for disaster, though, we gen this morning with what congress is doing or rather everything that congress is not doing. we are about to reach december. there are some serious budget issues to work out, some key deadlines looming. congress is right now scheduled to be in session this coming month for a grand total of four days.
. you know i have a lot of goats. it is a big score for whores. roll it. >> obama-apacalypsoy gate. >> sex workers at the moon light bun thee ranch in nevada were screwed. screwed getting insurance coverage. they equate us to illegal working girls who have high rates of std's and aids. but obamacare will not provide relief to america's self-employed including legal prostitutes. how so? no idea. it is not in the script. meanwhile, here is the behave that is okay to condemn. the health care law is hitting smokersers with super high premiums that could force them to drop coverage altogether. thank you. unlike drug addicts -- i was wheezing. unlike drug addicts -- i could hear myself breathing. it was disgusting. >> and it went on me. >> unlike drug addicts, alcoholics and the obese, smokers are the only such group with preexisting conditions that penalize obamacare. obamacare penalizes. i also have dyslexia when i have a cold. speaking of disasters. >> it is a person who is choosing these videos. something doesn't happen at the end of it and you don't pick the video. it is like we hav
it saturday, the 30th of november, 2013. i'm anna kooiman, it's deadline day for the obama web site. and it begins with a shutdown. overnight healthcare.gov out of service. will it be up and running in time to keep the president's promise? we will bring you the latest. >> caught on camera mayhem at your local mall. a black friday frenzy, leading to reports of violence all over america. including one woman taking out a taser on her fellow shoppers ahead. >> did she get that tv? she did. a family has a lot to be thankful for today after high speed crash into utah home on thursday night. their surprise hero josh romney, son of former presidential candidate mitt romney. how he pulled the family of four to safety. "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> so, good morning,. >> good saturday morning, everyone. did you have a wonderful thanksgiving. >> yes, we missed you. >> i missed i. i would say i did not wake up early enough to show. i heard it was great. >> what you should do on thanksgiving when you are off. >> you spent the holiday with 20 people. >> we always have a big thanksgi
, this is a erode in the confidence of the ability not just in the obama administration but of president obama himself. even worse the political ramifications it's going to have going throughout the democratic party is going to be absolutely chilling because they can't explain this away anymore. we really do have some problems. so what you are seeing is not just the web site. but the entire policy. hard to call it a law with all these waivers, exemptions and delays that have been granted out there. the american people don't know where this is going right now. and to be 20% failure rate people won't be able to get on it. what does it mean for 20% who are still looking to have healthcare coverage? >> it's interesting to hear the white house talk about it they call it 80% success rate. but, you are right. in one in five people won't be able to get healthcare insurance. congressman, you understand messaging. a hype in reverse. setting us up almost for nothing to happen. what are you expecting come tomorrow? >> i think right now you you saw a president talk about more immigration reform than this c
los compradores por conseguir la oferta, el presidente obama visita a los activistas que ayunan en washington, controversia polÍtica en mÉxico, jefe del grupo narcotraficante conocido como los caballeros templarios dice que hermana del presidente calderÓn lo buscó para establecer un diÁlogo polÍtico, y llega un nuevo alivio para las restricciones en los vuelos comerciales, los pasajeros pueden volver a llevar lÍquido en el aviÓn. empezamos con toda la informaciÓn. ♪ >> este su noticiero univisiÓn. >> estÁ terminando un largo viernes negro que aalgunos sitios llegÓ a tener algo asÍ como 29 horas de duraciÓn invadiendo los tiempos del dÍa de acciÓn de gracias, los primeros resultados hablan de ventas menores a las estimadas,y no por recurrentes, dejan de sorprender las imÁgenes al rededor del paÍs. >> arrancÓ la temporada de compras navideÑas, y se desatÓ la furia frenÉtica de compradores hambrientos por los mejores descuentos. a empujones, este comprador lucha por obtener la mercancÍa deseada,compradores apretados como sardinas para poder entrar, vean como e
and the other men in that secret unit did during the korean war. >>> we move on, the race to fix the obama care website is going down to the wire. obama administration officials say the site is getting better ahead of the midnight deadline. they aren't done just yet. tech experts are still upgrading hardware and tweaking the software hoping the rollout, number two, we should add, will be better than rollout number one. if it's not, it could be an ugly week at the white house. tori is keeping on top of all this. tori, the obama administration sounds confident. do they think this site is going to work, it's going to be an all fix? >> you know, from what we have heard so far, they sound optimistic saying they are on track and this website is performing well on deadline day. according to the white house, the site is going to behave differently for users. one measurement that's been brought up in an administration briefing is pages that took eight seconds to load should be less than a second. a fraction of a second. there are lots of fixes like this happening. the president made the promise this sit
. >>> if you've been following it along with us, you know deadline day for obama care is here. after a disastrous rollout that frustrated millions of americans. well, the administration today is saying that health care.gov should now be up running for the, quote, vast majority of users. what exactly does that mean, molly? >> jamie, "should" is the key word there. that's not clear yet. the obama administration is promising americans they'll have a better experience as of today at the healthcare.gov website. so far, no numbers on how many people are trying to log on today. and how successful they've been. the president's team has been working for weeks on this website. it was down for 11 hours overnight for maintenance. it was only scheduled to be down for four hours overnight initially. jeffrey zine, who is overseeing the relaunch today, said earlier this week that, by today, quote, the vast majority of consumers will be able to fill out applications, shop, compare plans and enroll. he went on to say, we will continue to update you on metrix and user experience and our success rates a
♪ ♪ lou: president obama is enrollment numbers, it is all bad news for the obama administration. i am lou dobbs. hello, everyone. severely undercutting president obama's credibility an approval rating. a new fox poll shows half of voters believe president obama knowingly lied when he repeatedly told americans that they could keep their plan under his signature health care law. as for the number of americans who have signed on for health care insurance, the initial numbers are woefully short and far below their lowered expectations. 106,000 have enrolled in health care plans in the state and federal exchanges through the first month of obamacare. one fifth of what the officials had projected before the launch of health care dog of and the opening of exchanges accounted for only 27,000 of successful in moments, 80,000 of them originated in state-run insurance exchanges and secretary kathleen sibelius revealed below numbers and then open herself and the administration up to ridicule consistent with what massachusetts, a state of only 6.5 million residents, experienced an initial rollo
to the streets to demand fair wages. president obama and democrats in congress have proposed an increase in the federal minimum wage and a number of states and localities are putting it to a vote with more measures expected on ballots across the country for the 2014 elections. so far, speaker boehner and house republicans oppose an increase. despite the fact that 7 in 10 americans support it. and recently, congressman paul ryan attempted to pivot to talking about poverty issues trying to show a kind of softer side. but as we're likely to see in the budget discussions, he can talk the talk but his policies will not walk the walk. joining me now to discuss this ever growing war on the american worker is the cycle's krystal ball, a contributor and rashad robinson. thank you all for being here. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us. >> krystal, you were there yesterday at one of the protests going on around the country and give us a sense of what it was like on the ground and, you know, we have heard varying versions from those who support walmart and those who support the workers. >> yeah.
? >>> president obama in a new and wide-ranging interview. he talks about his second term goals and what he will be extraordinarily proud of. the battle at the christmas box office. it's not just for kids anymore. a new look at why filmmakers are changing their approach this year. at points it got ugly, but did the black friday main event score for the big retailers? we have new numbers to report today. >>> hey there, everyone. it's high noon in the east. 9:00 a.m. in the west. a desperate search and rescue operation is under way in glasgow, scotland, after a police helicopter crashed into a roof of a pub filled with patrons last night. eight are confirmed dead including all three people on the helicopter. here's how one of the patrons described the crash. >> there was no sign of fire whatsoever. but i had noticed just before the cloud of dust took over the whole pub, that the skeeling had fallen onto the bar or the central bit of the pub. and that's when we realized things were serious. >> i'm joined by correspondent martin guysler about a block away from the scene of this crash. martin, x
runs through january 6th. >>> we are checking up on the affordable care act now and the obama administration's self- imposed target date for fixing healthcare.gov is tomorrow. danielle nottingham brings us the latest from washington. >> reporter: the team of software technicians brought in to increase healthcare.gov's capacity has been working around the clock. president obama wants the website fixed by saturday. white house officials say the constitutional right can now handle -- cite can now handle 50,000 people at once but they are worried a surge of customers over that number could cause more problems. >> they have the right people, the people have confidence that they are going to get it done. >> reporter: john engate, whose company specializes in e- commerce is one of several technology experts who recently attended white house situation room briefing about the website. >> if i had to place a bet, i would certainly say that i'm betting that they are going to get it done. >> reporter: despite the government website problems, some companies like walgreen's are using the ne
imposed deadline for the obama administration to get health care.gov on track. have they succeeded? jeff zeleny now with the latest from the white house. >> reporter: it's deadline day for fixing that troubled health care web site. the obama administration is scrambling tonight to make good on the president's promise. that people could sign up for insurance by the end of the month. earlier this week in california, he sounded cautiously optimistic. >> look, the rollout of new health care marketplace was rough. and by the way, the web site's continually working better so check it out. >> reporter: one person not laughing is dan howard, who's hit one brick wall after another trying to sign up. we checked back with him today from his home near pittsburgh still no luck. the web site is working faster, he says, but his name can't be verified. what is your frustration level on a scale of 1 to 10 about this entire system? >> my scale of frustration is very high, at a 10. i don't see it as just a web site problem. >> reporter: the white house acknowledges everything won't be fixed but will be mor
of the wild scenes that unfolded on black friday. >>> president obama opens up about life after the white house. why his daughter sasha could have the biggest say on what the family does next. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm doreen gentzler. tomorrow morning police already canvassing a maryland neighborhood for new clues in the murder of a postal worker. they plan to retrait his route. show mari stone has reaction from neighbors who are still on edge. >> reporter: that's right, doreen, this neighborhood is stunned. they're saying if this could happen to a postal worker, this could happen to me. it's causing a sense of anxiety in this area. police say 26-year-old tyson jerome barnett was delivering mail in the 1600 block of reed street out here. suddenly someone shot and killed him around 7:20 last saturday night. police canvassed the neighborhood, but they'll do it again. tomorrow detectives will retrace the route to try to find clues. they haven't identified in the suspects. fellow postal workers have said they worry about their safety while delivers mail in the dark. >> i hope they can
to al jazeera america. i'm morgan radford live in new york. the barack obama administration has taken the health care website offline to make repairs. this, after it was supposed to be glitch-freebie saturday. healthcare.gov's insurance application and enrolment systems are unavailable. the obama administration hopes the overnight repairs will have the site up and running in a few short hours. pinks randall pinkston looks at the political fallout. >> house speaker john boehner continued to say in a statement, "the president bit off more than he could chew." the democrats are having a hard time defending it. >> disappointment - we'll have to get past it. the overall project is too important to allow ourselves to be discouraged. >> health and human services fell short of its goal. instead of 500,000 signing up, only 106,000 got covage. most of that on state exchanges, not federal sites. insurance takes effect it 1 january, but the deadline for first payment was moved from december 1st to december 23rdrd. one thing that stayed the same, the last day to enrol was march 31st. president ob
to know. >> the obama administration says the website should be able to handle 800,000 applicants every day starting sunday but the white house is hoping people do not flood the site right away. >>> president and mrs. obama said they developed a thicker skin about criticism. they gave an interview to barbara walters. >> the truth is we have a lot more cheers. this is an example of sort of a narrative. >> i'm popular and i've gotten boos. >> your numbers are better than his numbers. >> absolutely. i think that's always been the . >> and lesson for young people in this is that you're going to get booed. you're going to have people who don't like what you do. you better have your own vision. >> the obamas also say they may stay in washington dc after the president leaves office until their younger daughter gets through high school. >>> a warning if you're buying gift cards for christmas. the way crooks are making them worthless. >>> two passengers on a thanksgiving flight go back and forth passing just nasty messages and then everything escalates as soon as they step off the plane. ,,,,,,,
-old american's alleged apology to north korea. >>> and today is the self imposed deadline that president obama promised the healthcar healthcare.gov website will be working for most people. >>> syria's civil war continues to hos flood into neighbor countries. 2.2 million people have thread syria and taken up in other countries. many are living in camps of plastic tents to protect them from the elements. we have reports from camps in jordan. >> reporter: thermal blankets and clothing distribution has just started at this camp. you can see behind me there are hundreds of refugee who is are queuing to receive these items on the first day of direction, which is always stress busy. the high thermal blankets are a valuable commodity, especially important for residents and refugee who is are still living inside plastic tents and have much less protection from the rain and the cold and the wind in the winter. now aid agencies are also distributing clothing kits for babies and children up to the age of five. what you see in these boxes behind me includes enough winter clothing for 24,000 children. now
in 2020 saving seniors $300 a year in drug costs. a year after president obama sine die affordable care act into law i spoke at the democratic club, one of the largest democratic club in florida whose membership is largely made of senior citizens who live in my congressional district. when i finished and began taking questions a woman i had known for 23 years who i had never thought of as struggling to make ends meet rose to make a statement. she said thanks to obamacare i don't have to ask the pharmacist to score my pills anymore. i used to do that so they would last longer but because the doughnut hole is closing i can afford my prescriptions now. was an eye opening moment because i use that story generally as an example of arguing for the affordable correct package. i stood in line behind seniors at the pharmacy who cannot afford to pay for their prescriptions so they had to decide which to fill in which to leave. here was a woman i knew well directly benefited from closure of the medicare prescription drug coverage gap. more clear to me than ever before that obamacare and safety net
to participate in the insurance plans because of obama care. and guess who's going to pay for that? i think i have a pretty good idea. exactly. you. the worker. the employee. you wanted it. >> you practiced this before the show. >> a little bit. the jeopardy thing was impromptu. here's the thing. we already saw this happening. i have my own business. we grapple with this every single year. how to do this. we were promised -- everybody was promised this would change. obama care was going to change. we were going to bend the cost curve. this is sending it rocketing much higher. it's a disaster. >> the argument for it is a lot of people who didn't have insurance, they said, next year, i'm going to get penalized so i might as well sign up for my company plan. you would think more young people entering the plan would keep the costs down. but it's actually just the opposite in corporate america. it's just more of a burd be for them. >> it's more of a burden. you have young people who can stay on their parent's insurance well into their mid-20s. you will see as more people pile into employer-based p
. >> exactly. >> optimistic about obama care. good afternoon. i'm t.j. holmes. craig melvin is off today. you are watching msnbc. countdown to the deadline. officials promised a fix to the obama care website by midnight tonight. so what's the status now? we're live at the white house. >>> we're carrying out rescue operations at the scene. >> right now, search and rescue, a police chopper crashes into a scottish pub on a crowded friday night. eight people confirmed dead. the country in shock on their national holiday. >>> saying "sorry." north korea releases video of an american war hero held captive for more than a month. but did he really apologize for the korean war? >>> shopping local. today is small business saturday. even the president is taking part. can the movement help mom-and-pop shops compete with the big chains? >>> and america's attic available to everybody. smithsonian's digital efforts to share and preserve their treasures. that's today's big idea. >>> let's go to the white house now where administration officials are preparing to announce whether they've met their self-imposed
's just some of the promises for the affordable care website. the obama administration has a self-imposed deadline of today to have it ready to handle 50,000 users. danielle lee has more on whether the changes will become reality. >> reporter: he has a lot of sympathy for the tech perts rushing to fix healthcare.gov. >> it's a challenge. >> reporter: the website increased it's speed and decreased error rates uting it on track to support 50,000 users. >> there's been a focus on the website that until they get that running smoothly it's hard for them to if he cuss on the other elements of the law which are very popular. >> this week the administration delayed online enrollment for small businesses. another set back could deter people from signing up, especially the young and healthy like nathan sheets. integral to keeping premiums low and not particularly in a rush to get covered. >> i just -- i haven't gotten around to it, yet. >> health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius is hoping to increase the odds for success. she posted shopg tips onlishopp online. this is a defin
is ticking, and a lot is on the line. we're talking about the obama care web site. the president promising that by midnight it will work properly for most users. will it? that's next in the "cnn newsroom." >>> it is still three years until the 2016 presidential election, but new cnn poll numbers are already suggesting at least two potential early front runners. paul steinhauser has more. oh, paul? >> miguel, so far this month chris christie won a landslide reelection victory in new jersey, took over as chairman of the republican governors association and now he apparently has another honor. >> 2016 is a long way away. >> chris christie is right. it is. but let's be honest. the early moves in the next race for the white house are already under way. for the first time, a front-runner appears among the possible gop presidential contenders in our new cnn/orc poll. 24% of republicans we questioned said they'd be likely to support christie as their party's nominee. he's 11 percentage points ahead of senator rand paul of kentucky who's at 13%. congressman paul ryan of wisconsin last year's republ
this was an extremely polarized issue before barack obama moved to the white house. democratsissue where and republicans had parted company's active the elite level and bed the left -- and then the level of average voters. the data international opinion surveys from pew. stood inwhere things 1987 in terms of a split between parties and where they stood in 2012. you can see environment as one of the issues where polarization had the, much more extreme -- become much more extreme , by the timeine this campaign was launched in the first two years of obama's presidency, it was virtually impossible for elected office holders in the republican party to consider joining the bipartisan coalition that would've been necessary to pass the legislation. question, whyg did the people who were supporting it think it would work? i'm going to leave that question talk about.or us to i do believe many of the business people and environment was who supported cap and trade were so focused on working out the details of a bargain inside of washington, d.c. trying to figure out how many allowances to give
a month obama was sworn in on and he didn't stop the crash what he did was he basically enchanted of bubblegum and baling wire against it the kitchen table which is why we're still in this very very painful it is in the nineteen thirties they did refer to as the great depression that bad. raised in colombo nineteen forties i think in a decade now two decades now it appears that this is the great depression two thousand. the twenty oh eight and twenty fifteen twenty six. what does that ever session in twenty sixteen look like what kind of symptoms can be seen. i think we saw one so that in two thousand when the market fell almost in half. i would expect that it's gonna be that and worse. can you conceive him. for our massive unemployment. a large drop in stock market. the risky part if you look at these crashes another three years these things happen eighty years ago was the great depression here to protect the civil war in forty years before the american revolution the economic crashes are all always followed by war years so the question that we have to face now and this is someth
great gains in the fight against aides. under president obama funds have been reduced and health experts warn the results could be disastrous. malco malcolm webb has this report. >> this woman never wanted to become a sex workers, but had to feed her children. it was bad enough. things got worth when she developed aids. the stigma is unbearable. we changed her name and hid her face. >> translation: my son's only three years old. he's innocent. i gave him aids when he was born. i'm worried about what will happen to him when i die. everyone will see him as the chide -- child of a profit tute. >> this woman at this organization that helped sex workers with aids gets life-saving distrugs. 20% of health works r workers are hiv positive. medication reduces the chances that they'll pass on the virus. >> low rates are credited to a campaign of treatment and preservation. local graffiti artists joining in, promoting condom use. these have been possible only with billions of support from the u.s. president bush increased spending on aids intervention. under barack obama money has deceased. >> we n
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